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Day One!!! July 26, 2010    
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Brownie Truffles!
Wow! I finally made it to the Blog World!! I have been so busy making Chocolate Confections for my Specialty Chocolate Business that I thought this day would never come....
Well, I have lots of great places and of course Lots of Chocolate Love to spread around, so I will be sending out to you all my favorite Chocolate Spots to visit along with any great Chocolate Books, Chefs, and of course Recipes to try for yourself. Did I mention that I am a Cook-book-a-holic??? I have vowed to myself this year that I will make at least 2 recipes from each book that I own!
Oh, that is scary...I have a lot! Let's see how this goes..
Welcome All  Chocoholics: This is,  My Life Dipped in Chocolate!   Donna


The Bikini "In Vogue" Cupcake at Cupcakes Couture

July 27, 2010   Cupcakes Couture of Manhatten Beach

To be honest with you...I am not a Cupcake Fanatic...I don't wait in the lines at Sprinkles and I am not out to find the best Cupcake on earth!!! =]  I am curious though...especially if they have Chocolate in them and are unique. This is how my husband and I ended up at the Cupcakes Couture in Manhantten Beach one Saturday a few weeks ago....this place is not the norm! She has "Bikini Cupcakes" a very Signature 100 calorie Cupcake that will delight any Bikini Clad and Cupcake loving  girl for the summer months!!
I gave up dieting a long, long time ago...we will get into that later! Back to the Cupcakes...I decided to start my new Blog with the amazing little gem of a place due to it's great Style and One of a Kind Cupcakes. I am going to devour the "In Vogue" Bikini Cupcake in the picture at the top of my blog...the only thing that made it better was that I was at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach sitting at a beautiful picnic table over looking the southern california coastline.  The "In Vogue" Bikini Cupcake was surprising good...really light but with substance, I didn't feel like I was eating something "diet-y" was a chocolate cake that was really moist with a lighter than air but tasty vanilla frosting. Ok, I liked it but I bought more than one! We had to try the "Love Spell"...the name says it all, who does not want more Love????  I ate the lovely "in Vogue" Bikini Cupcake and then of course decided that we needed to dive into the "Love Spell"...Hey, I am on a Mission here, right!!??? ahahahahah No Dieting allowed!!
The "Love Spell" made me fall in Love....with it! The Chocolate Cake was super moist it made me lick my fingers!! When you look at the cupcake you fall in love with how beauriful it is...the fresh rasberry and the chocolate scrolled adornment that you take off before you eat it to get the chocolate juices flowing...then the hidden surprise of rasberry preserves that come ooozing out of the middle!!
OMG!! Wedding Cake! No wonder it gave me a love spell, my favorite flavors together are Dark Chocolate and Rasberries!!  I will be back to visit the Cupcakes Couture!! The menu is sublime and they offer a private room for parties and baking classes..right up my alley!! See you there....D


The "Love Spell" From Cupcakes Couture Founder, Jenine Cravatt

July 28, 2010
Thank You God,
Chocolate is a Healing Food!!!


                            Biscotti By: Tiamo Chocolate
     Pecan Spice with Dark Chocolate & Limoncello Frost


    Triple Ganache "Love Bite" Brownies 
       With a Peanut Butter Surprise!!


Espresso Bean Macchiato Italian Toffee
   Italian Summer in a Box!! 

Aha!! Low and behold....I have been professing this for the past 6 or 7 years and now finally I can get someone to believe me!!
I just found this lovely little book on the shelf of Barnes and Noble this past weekend and to my Glee and Surprise the Author Cal Orey is going to be my new best friend!!!
Here are a few great tidbits from her book:

Chocolate: Known as Mother Nature's "Food of the gods,"...the Medicinal benefits of Chocolate were recognized as far back as 4000 years ago!
Eating Chocolate can help boost the immune system, lower the risk of heart disease, cancer,diabetes...even obesity...may even increase your lifespan!

A 1.5 ounce bar of quality Chocolate has as much antioxidant power as a 5 ounce glass of wine...without the side effects of Alcohol!
Chocolate is a choclk-full of mood-enhancing ingredients, including Phenylethylamine (the Love Drug) and Serotonin!
Chocolate can relieve a host of ailments,including Depression, Fatigue, Pain and well as rev up your Sex Drive!

This is Just the highlights on the back cover of the book...I am Happy and Excited to Read, Read, Read!!!
I am going to delve into the book tonight and keep you posted on the great hightlights it has to offer...maybe you would like to pick one up too?! It also has great Recipes...I scimmed forward...there is a Biscotti Recipe! Ok, this one I will have to try right off the bat and compare to mine, you know I am the Biscotti Queen!!

It does really give you all the history and what type of Chocolate is the best....Dark,
of Course!! The most benefits come from anything over the Cocoa amount of 70%. I am going to The World Market to find the highest ones I can and compare taste, texture and ingredients! There are many great Chocolate companies out there but you still need to read your ingredients!! I am an Organic Girl...I am not into diet foods that are fake or anything that is fake! I have put many supposedly 'great" products back on the shelf in frustration due my opinion, too many ingredients that...again, in my opinion...did not need to be in there to begin with!!
These ingredients are; corn syrup (I am allergic to corn!),"natural flavors" (new word for msg), anything with a long name that you can not;'s not does not belong in my body!!  Thank you!!

Well, I will write again tonight..I think you will need a Chocolate Recipe from my Archives and my Taste Bud opinions on the 3 Chocolate Bars I am going to compare from The World Market....See you Later! Ciao, Ciao